What sphider.net is ? :
Well, it's a very small independent and privately funded search engine.
We aim to provide an alternative to other big search engines,
we have build our own algorithms and indexing scripts and so our search results should be different from what other search engines presents.
Not better, hopefully not worse, different.
What anonymous search sphider.net means :
secure https certified connection
no tracking
no profiling
no back gates
no data storing and archiving
no data selling
full privacy
What cookies are stored on your computer from our site ?
cookies are stored for a period of:
link click count based on 7 days cookie
search terms based on 24h cookie
captcha confirmation when requested based on 24h cookie
and off course cookie disclosure based on a 1year cookie itself.
CTR + H will delete our cookies on any major web browser.
Sphider.net is in beta tests.
Spiders, User agents and Crawlers
Our main family of bots is "sphider-sph" . They can carry a string name like "User-Agent: sphider-sph" or
"User-Agent: sphider-sph.v0.xx" or "User-Agent: sphider-sph.vx.xx"
where x is a number character.

Other bots are the news bots "User-Agent: sphider-news" and image bots "User-Agent: sphider-img".
Sphider news and images bots can also be represented with ver. number like our main bot.

We are in the stage of teaching our bots to obey robots.txt files.
If there are any pages in our index that are specified in your robots.txt to NOT index
then you can either report it in our results or just wait for the page to be NOT re-indexed
and taken out from our index by new bot with new robots.txt instructions.

We not mean any harm, merely a technical glitch if it is but not a deliberate action.
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